I want the choice of a peaceful death


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Statement of Belief

“We are Christians who believe that, as a demonstration of love and compassion, those with a terminal or hopeless illness should have the option of a pain-free, peaceful and dignified death with legal voluntary assisted dying or legal voluntary euthanasia.”

In the Majority

The overwhelming majority of Australian Christians support choice for voluntary euthanasia. Perhaps you are you one of them? Find out more here…

What the Bible says

Christians are sometimes surprised to learn there is no ‘fire and brimstone’ in the bible about Voluntary Assisted Dying. More…

Our plain-English printout refutes false religious argument—acquaint yourself with the facts in less than 10 minutes. Download the PDF.

The accepted terminology on this issue has changed since the group began in 2009, hence the change in our official group name to Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying. All other aspects relating to joining the group and donations are unchanged. Please refer to our Definitions page.